Saturday, 19 October 2013

Lo-tech tools still have a place in schools.
In Melbourne recently I visited a fanzine shop near Flinders Street Station. It was an artist’s co-operative that invited visitors to create their own fanzines or comics. They provided free resources to anyone and you could also purchase many varied “hand made” mini works of art. When you produced them, you could sell them through the shop and receive a small royalty. There were typewriters, stamps, different types of papers, crayons etc. These lo-tech tools have a place in schools and I would love to create a lo-tech station like this for my classes. Hand made products can always be scanned and digitised and shared with the world.

A real world application of this “new” lo-tech was the initiative of a State Security Service attached to the Kremlin. They have reverted back to creating their top secret documents on old typewriters to avoid cyberleaks!

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