Monday, 30 September 2013

Student "car signs" initiative stems from a film interview made in class

In Challenge Based Learning there is a goal to encourage students to come up with real world solutions to problems. One group in Year 4 thought of a great idea to produce car safety signs. Their question was – “How can we encourage our community in Granville to not use mobile phones while driving?” We produced an actual run of these “window suction signs” and the students went about promoting these to the wider community. The students placed an order form on the website, sold them in the playground to parents and received interest from the NSW Police Media who promoted the initiative on their extensive social media networks.

This real world initiative was backed by the NSW Police Force and promoted on their wide social media networks. This created a ‘buzz’ and resulted in many comments and likes!
An order form for the window signs on the school’s website

Saturday, 21 September 2013

From local to global - Our students interviewed Mr Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools

Link: From local to global - Our students interviewed Mr Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools

Our students interviewed Mr Greg Whitby, Executive Director of Schools, Catholic Education Office, Parramatta Diocese, for their TV Station HFSTV. Grade 5 brainstormed questions using ipads and then coordinated a real interview, presenting the program and manning the cameras. Holy Family School, East Granville students can rise to any challenge. Real learning for a real world purpose. See the movie below and visit Mr Whitby’s blog report on the interview.

Mr Whitby’s Blog

Friday, 20 September 2013

Living Museum Project - a great success
I was fortunate enough to witness an example of deep learning in action when my grade 4 teaching colleagues James West and Rebecca Eid led their class on a historical tour of school life from the 1800’s to the 1940’s. There was a strong parent attendance for the event as well. The student’s improved focus has been evident over the term, through learning skills to improve self control and to use drama to explore ideas about the past.

I put together this short movie to broadcast on our school TV Station HFSTV. Congratulations to my colleagues for their great work, supported by Naree Shields and Miranda Jefferson (Drama Literacy Learning Team).

School website Article

Students and Parents stay Cybersafe
Here is a Classm8 (Google Apps) / Cybersafety Brochure that was sent out with our newsletter to help promote our positive launch of Classm8.

The new Google Apps package “Classm8” from CEnet is the best! Students from years 3 to 6 at Holy Family have been using it for blogging, presentations and documents. Our parent community is also very supportive. Our website links to the Learning Exchange Cybersafe information as well. Thanks to the classm8 team for their work in repackaging the google system to support student learning.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ipad Professional Group - Teachers sharing is powerful learning

During 2012 and 2013 I facilitated and coordinated an Ipad Professional Learning Group where teachers met every fortnight to share; how to use the ipad for learning, trialling apps and using the ipad for assessment. This was very successful and resulted in the trialling of over 140 educational apps and resources for classes. 
Colleagues demonstrated the use of many creative mind mapping and creativity apps.