Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Making it Mobile - a 2 day conference with practical ways to incorporate contemporary learning

#mim14 Re-imagining learning in spaces with a matrix at making it mobile scil 14. Student centred, student choice, technology and lo tech combined. Can’t wait to share this with colleagues!


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Making Films in the classroom, A short Learning Story narrated by Year 2 St Mary’s North Sydney
I know that making films is an authentic way for children to learn.
During our yr 2 unit on cultural identity, I gave the class choices on how to present their work. What i didn’t expect was all 8 groups the whole class, to choose film. Students made 8 films five different genres, and it created an excitement for learning that engaged my students and parent community beyond the school gate.

Early on i signed up For The caspa teams film boot camp for teachers, Providing workshops in sound, framing shots and editing. I was able to take these skills back to the classroom. I have had many film workshops from the  Learning Exchange as well, all great building blocks for my professional learning.

I was approaching filming day and having a lightbulb moment rather panic attack I rang, Iris who suggested she and Roger came to St marys to support us with blocking scenes for film. It made such a difference, I handed over my 34,  8 year old charges (not all at Once) to Roger. He was like a superhero simplifying storyboards into scenes, photographing the starting and end points of every shoot and voice coaching. Iris and Roger were with so good with the children and as a result each filming day was seamless. Our wonderful parent community, my colleagues and leadership by Principal Mrs Bev Coffey offered practical support every step. And last but not least, my understanding wife Lenore during a few weekend shoots and post production. I’d like to congratulate all my class on their films, and celebrate our film finalists Anzac heroes and Chinese zodiac race for their wonderful mini masterpieces. Thank-you Caspa team for your great contributions to our projects and all films in the battle of the artz.

Choice is important, Now film is a regular choice for products as students. They are transferring their skills to new projects such as products for religious education assessments and their current project 13 science documentaries as part of a report to North Sydney council.

This short narrative which tries to capture our class film project.



Film Making in the Classroom at St Mary’s North Sydney
A one minute vision package I made as part of my presentation to CaSpa Sydney highlighting a Year 2 collaborative film project - 34 students, 8 films, 5 genres, 2 finalists in the CEO Sydney film festival.
1 minute shows 20 weeks of student learning, whole school and community support.


Catholic schools performing arts sydney recognises authentic learning using film in the early years.
9 students from my class received highly commended for their two films. I was able to give a video presentation and spoke about the learning pathway and student / community engagement. The boys when thrilled to have their photo taken with Executive Director Catholic Schools Dr Dan White. I was honoured to receive an award of excellence for professional learning.