Friday, 25 October 2013

Cloud mind mapping brings inquiry learning to life.

I’ve been encouraging my students to use mind mapping to expand big ideas and ask deep questions. In Grade 3, my colleagues Diane Chammas, Amanda El-Howzi and I collaborated and explored this during the Parklands topic.

Students used mind maps three times during the process.
1. Big Ideas generation.
2. Expanding and asking individual inquiry questions.
3. I created a cloud based narrative scaffold mind map. Groups used this to develop their scripts collaboratively.

Cloud mind mapping on the ipad is one approach, with students working together at the same time or remotely. I also like to use lo-tech mind mapping on paper, whiteboards, glass and chalkboards as well. If we decide to mind map lo-tech I still like to take a photo and share! See the learning pathway in this video.

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