Sunday, 3 July 2016

Authentic Learning through the Performing Arts Film Project

Teachers across different schools filming other colleagues teaching, students filming learners learning. Students and colleagues reflecting on the process, the film makers (teachers and students) communicating this learning to a wider audience. How authentic and purposeful...

It was invigorating to be involved in a film project recently. The CASPA team invited me to collaborate with a team of students to film how teachers and students embedded arts in their learning. We then edited the film as an example of how to embed the arts for the Sydney Catholic Schools Authentic Learning Toolbox.

Science (Light) - My colleague Annie and her Stage 3 class from St Ambrose using music to deepen their understanding of concepts. This involved writing lyrics and actions for their music clip! Students learnt skills in music and audio production and connected scientific concepts in a humorous and entertaining way. Watch the student's reflections!

English / Drama - The story of Cinderella was adapted and retold by a Year 2 class from St Raphaels through drama, using freeze frames. My colleague Gabriel showed how this helped her class deepened their understandings of the story and helped the students with talking and listening and their writing.

My film making colleague, my student Patrick commented:
"Thank you so much for the opportunity to film the students at St Ambrose. It was an amazing experience for me."
They were very impressed they were in the credits as wrell

Authentic Learning Videos Website

At the Authentic Learning Syposium today, Mark Treadwell's keynote speech explored the power of video for learning in his post "the end of reading and writing".

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