Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Authentic Learning in action - Year 2 takes on the challenge to design and innovate sustainable environmental change - Field Trip 1 - Smoothey Park, Wollstencraft (Water Catchments)

Thanks to a grant from North Sydney Council, Year 2 have begun a real life challenge - to make a difference to their local environment. In this first field trip to Smoothey Park, students receive a facilitated tour from the council’s environmental experts, Yolande and Rahmin. They walked along Berry Creek and talked about how it has changed over the years, from pre settlement to now. The impact of built environments and pollution was seen first hand. The great work of the council is seen through their transformation of this beautiful area. Who could have predicted an “on the spot” lesson from an environmental team half way down the creek as well. The whole tour was captured on video and QR codes were used later in class to revisit the excursion. The integrated unit was redesigned using the “Understanding By Design” framework which allowed me the flexibility to create the unit “Catching Water”. Immersing students in the environment was a valuable first step. Parent helpers were invaluable as usual on the trip and enjoyed the opportunity to explore their local neighbourhood as well.