Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Students interviewing community and business leaders adds real world authenticity to learning

As Leading Teacher, Technology one of my key result areas was the planning and implementation of units of work in collaboration with K-6 class teachers and support staff, in Challenge Based Learning (Inquiry Learning).
Some of the units of work we adapted were Multiculturalism (Y6), National Parks (Y3), Trading (Y4), Push and Pull – Science (Y2) and Change Detectives - Science (Y5). I am writing a report paper (still in progress) that is tracking the process over a 2 year period. The students interviewed State and Federal members of Parliament and local and state business leaders via skype, phone, video conference and in person. The students used these interviews in their research to provide real solutions to local and global issues. They broadcast these movies from the school website

Digital Internet TV Station HFSTV.

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